Church Value Statements


1. Our church mission is clear. Preach the gospel and make desciples.


2. We want to be more focused on the future than on the past, because Jesus is comming back soon!


3. We understand that the god "Mammon" has the biggest impact on the western society and churches. Therefore we distance clearly from all teaching that promises wealth for those who are in Christ.


4. Altough we belive in a God of miracles we understand that follwing Christ in a fallen world needs the ability to suffer for the truth. Like Jesus and all his deciples did.


5. We do not only want to know about Jesus, but we want to be in a personal relationship with him.


6. Our faith shall be decision based and not based on emotions only.


7. We belive that the Holy Spirit is our comforter and helper in our faith.


8. We know that we need to meet to encourage and to serve each other.


9. We want to be filled with mercy and grace of charitiy.


10. We do not judge people by ethnics, background or sex, because every soul has the same great value. But we are convinced that a sinful livestyle is destructive and Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.